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Any recent action movies where the MAIN character dies?

Well, personally, I cannot STAND when all movies and books have the main character narrowly escaping death, time and time again, no matter how many random extras die, the main character survives it all.

It is just too predictable. When I watched Transformers 2 and Sam died, I was crossing my fingers and saying “please stay dead, please stay dead” but of course he didn’t.

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Does anyone remember popular childrens books or movies from 1993 up?

im doing an assingment on which books and movies influenced you as a child and im finding it hard to think of any, so hoping some might jolt my memory

Asked by:Emily A

what movie does scary movie 4 make fun of at the end?

i remember seeing a movie where a guy was getting all excited about being in love and he was jumping up and down on the couch of a talk show and i think scary movie 4 makes fun of it but i dont remember.
that’s some funny shiit.

Asked by:Alex

Favorite love stories? :)?

Mmk, so I need the most adorable love story(s) You have ever seen in your life! [That is meaning a movie.]

Asked by:???v?????

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