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how can i make my life exciting like the movies?

im a 16 yr old guy and my life isnt always nearly as fun as the kids in the teen comedy movies
i like the movies superbad, scary movie, the hot chick, the girl next door
any suggestions?

Asked by:Adidas

What is your ultimate favorite love story that you’ve read?

LOL! Twilight Taylor…I don’t think that is stupid. I asked for your favorite love story didn’t I? You would probably laugh at mine! I like the love story in the Star Wars prequel trilogy, even though I really do not much like sci-fi books!

Asked by:Kari

Any good horror movies?

I want some good, exciting not TOO scary horror movies. Nothing with you know the chopping up other people kind of stuff.
Tx =D
I’ve seen the Sixth Sence, The Others, and The Shining.
You guys can still list gory movies. Just let me know if they’re like really gory/scary.

Asked by:*City_Chic*

Favorite Love Story/Stories (Books)?

What is your Favorite love story?

Asked by:Karly

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