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can u tell me some realy scary horror movies and games?

i would like to see some very scary horror movies with good quality the kind of movies to excite u because i’m geting bored with almost every movie i see and some good horror games to tx

Asked by:razvynho

OK me and my friends want to watch a horror/scary/ movie. we **** them but we watch to watch some. witch are

the best ones …. we **** ones with little kids AND ones with soemthing bad happend to a cell phone ahah we all get new ones and we get soo freaked out with it (pulse liek the ending with the cell) soo we are sooo excited and ready for tomorrrow night ……….. whats the BEST movie(even give me 5,10,20)names of the movies that dont have thoes things. and we (me and my friends) well decide … thank you soo much ( we will mostly watch 5 in 2 nights and they dont have to be super scary but they can :D)

Asked by:Mankey L

What do you think about my new exciting, scary, short movie?

it’s the best short movie of the 20th century…
it is long 13 seconds…

Asked by:ok computer

Whats your favorite love story that youve ever heard?

<33 just for fun =-] Asked by::-)

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