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Have you ever watched a scary movie in the ****?

If you’ve never thought of doing it, does the idea of it excite you?

Asked by:Ethan

i need the most scariest movies for my party?

im having a halloween party and i need 3 of the most scariest movies known to man!

if possible PG 13 for some who cant watch R

ahh im so excited!


Good scary movies for kids?

want to watch a scary movie with my daughter, but dont want it to be too scary…she is excited about it…cant really think of any..

was thinking of lost boys etc, but think there is *** sceanes in it….she aint that scared of things, but has to be clean…

my wee girl is 7, she dont want to watch any disney stuff….
yeah it does matter, about *** scenes dont want my 7 year old daughter watching people going at it!!

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Movies going too far?

I don’t mind R rated movies(Gladiator or 300), even scary movies(6th sense), or even comedies(Dr. Strangelove, Anger Management). But simply put,movies are going too far these days.

Ricky Bobby was funny. Until the *** kissing scene. Borat was hilarious. Until the *** ***** scene. Saw was flat out evil. Has no point to it oncever except people getting killed in grosteque manners. Same with Hostel.

What is wrong???? Are these people so desperate for ratings that they will result to staggering ********** behavior and senseless grisly scenes of violence?Is there no limit?

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